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Pretty Poodle Stance

I am a pretty poodle

I am a pretty poodle, can’t you tell by my walk?

I am a pretty poodle, can’t  you hear it when I talk?

I am a pretty poodle and I always hold my head up high.

I am pretty poodle. All you see is beauty when you look into my eyes.

Eeee-Yip is what I say to all the pretty poodles who pass my way.

I am pretty poodle and I have the bomb pretty poodle prance.

Only true poodles can do the pretty poodle prance the way I can.

Are you a pretty poodle? If so, shake your pretty poodle paws.

Keep on pretty poodle swagging in front of all of those…who wish they could be a pretty poodle, but instead, took another chance to join the other sorority who has no idea about our Pretty Poodle Stance!

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I am SHE

I am she who believes in love
I am she whose heart always overflows
I am she who cant let go
I am she who loves real hard
I am she who has gone to far
I am she who has given her heart
I am she who has loss a lot
I am she who will never part
I am she who keeps on going
I am she…a woman, a strong and powerful black woman.
I am she who cant be broken.
I am SHE….a woman, a strong and powerful black woman!
I am SHE!

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Pray for the Haters


I aint havin it. Oh no, Not at all. Im not one to be disrepected by anyone.

Dont underestimate my gifts and talents….dont be mad at me because you can’t balance…your envy, pain, and jealousy….it aint my fault that you can’t be me!! LOL.

The seven deadly sins…one is jealousy…

YALL, please pray for the HATERS…unfortunately, they DON’T know no BETTER!!- LOL.

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There Is A Haze Around Me


There is a haze around me.  I can’t seem to see through it. 

There is a haze around me.  I can’t seem to shake it.

There is a haze around me.  It is dense when it is dark.

There is a haze around me.  It is transparent when it is light.

There is a haze around me.  It reminds me of the fog.

There is a haze around.  I am scared to walk through it.

There is a haze around me.  I am stuck in the haze. 

There is a haze around me. I am in a haze!

There is a haze around me. The haze is called life.

~Author Ni’Kay

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Love Hurts

Love hurts sometimes, even when you love or are in love.  Some say that there is a difference, but I don’t see one at all.  Love is love regardless of who or where it comes from.  You can give love.  You can get love. You can take love.  But in order to secure love, you must make sacrifices.  These sacrifices may not feel nice.  These sacrifices may hurt so bad that they don’t seem like love at all.  You may even begin to think that love is hate.  However, love is not hate, but love is sacrifice. 

At times you may have to sacrifice your time, your money, your space, your life, your friends, your family, or your heart!  Oh, your heart. How fragile it is!  Your heart is an organ…an organ…that is it.  But love is a feeling that people “associate” with the heart.  However, it is a feeling inside, but inside your soul.  It shines so bright that nothing can hide it. You love so HARD that know one can deny it. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old…love will hurt!

However, don’t expect love to do all the work.  Love alone won’t always keep things tight.  Love expects for the individuals to do their part and do it right.  Love has friends that you may need to get to know.  Patience, honesty, trust, responsibility, compassion, attentiveness, and many, many more.  You need to get to know them if you want love to grow.  Yes, LOVE may hurt, but pain goes away in time.  However, if your love continues to hurt, then love may be nothing more than something only in YOUR mind.

Yes, love hurts because love is not perfect.  Love is definitely not vain.  Love is not choosy.  Love is not always sane.  Some people are CRAZY in Love. Love can come in all forms and sizes.  Love can give you all kinds of surprises.

However, if love hurts to touch, then love isn’t love at all.  Love is a facade for a relationship gone wrong.

©Author Ni’Kay

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Liar, Liar, Liar

Oh my God you are such a liar! I want to set a light to you so you can catch on fire!

It sounds real cruel, yes I know, if a dog is a dog, then throw it a bone.

Oh my God you are such a liar!  You got caught in the act and you can’t acquire; a new lie to tell because you are all out of tales.

You liar! I put my heart and soul into you. You liar! I thought that to me you would always be true.

You liar! What am I to do!  You liar! I am about to get rid of you.  You liar! You liar! You liar! 

~Author Ni’Kay

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Sometimes you need to sacrifice, even when you think that life, has given you lemons that you cannot slice.

Sometimes you NEED to sacrifice, whether it is in love, marriage, career, or your life.

Sometimes you HAVE to sacrifice, it’s not because you have no other choice, but because you may not have the knowledge to say, just how much your sacrifice may seem to be in the way.

Sometimes in life you need to sacrifice.

 Sacrifice is by choice. 

Sacrifice is your voice.

 Sacrifice is your mind. 

People can sacrifice their time.

Sacrifice is work.

 Sacrifice is hard. 

Sacrifice is what EVERYONE must do for the Lord. 

Not trying to be religious, not trying to be religious at all.  However, all I know is that ALL of my strength and help comes from the Lord.

Sacrifice your Life.  He died on the cross for your life and mines.

Are you grateful? Don’t you know that he does not have to have favor!  Sometimes we forget, what the Lord’s word and sacrifice meant. 

Have you forgotten?  Or don’t you think it is real, because you have made no sacrifices for God’s will.

Oh, it’s not a joke.  It is definitely not game.  I am not a preacher, nor do I have any fame. 

God has given me a talent that I just realized.  God has given me a talent and it has opened my eyes.

This is a message to all who choose to view.  You must make sacrifices whether or not you want too.

By Author Ni’Kay

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