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Hello All! I will be releasing my first short story with the release of When It Rains, It Pours (February/March)! Here is a little taste of Torn (rough draft version). Let me know what you think!

“Please stay longer Monet,” Charles begged as he laid there with the sheets wrapped around his waist.
Monet always felt torn when she had to leave him. She finished putting on her black party dress and grabbed her Jimmy Choo black sequence peep toe pumps. She looked like a true diva when she walked into the Marriott for the All-Black party…too bad she didn’t get to make a grand entrance.

“Babe, you know that I can’t stay. Do we have to go through this every time?” Monet grabbed her clutch and walked over to Charles and gave him a kiss. He pulled her down so that she fell on top of him. “I don’t want you to leave me. I can’t take this shit no more. You are going to have to choose Monet. I am tired of waking up in the morning to a half empty bed. I want . . . .” Monet put her hand over Charles’ mouth to hush him. “Charles, I have to tell. . .” She quickly pushed herself away from his grasp and walked towards the door. Before she could finish what she was about to say, Charles said, “I love you Monet. Don’t you get it?”
“But Charles. . .” Monet couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes. She knew what she had to do, but couldn’t. “I love you too.” She blew him a kiss and left just as quickly as she came.

It seemed as though the elevator was taking forever. Monet had to get back downstairs to the party before her girl, Antoinette, was ready to leave. She had texted her twice while she was with Charles. Nette was her ride or die. She covered for Monet and had gotten her out of a plenty of sticky situations. She trusted Nette with her life. When she reached the double doors to Ballroom A, she called Nette to find out where she was seated. Nette answered her phone on the third ring.
“Hey Nette. I just walked in the ballroom. I am over by the DJ booth. Where are you?”She yelled into the phone over the sounds of the loud music.
“Monet? Girl, is this you? I can barely hear you. I am over by the cash bar.”
Monet walked across the dance floor and made her way towards her friend. The dance floor was packed. Several men asked her to dance. She replied to them all the same way, “No, I’m sorry. Not right now, but thanks for asking.” Most of the men walked away feeling rejected. The cockier ones just mumbled the word bitch and walked away.
Monet reached the cash bar and Nette handed her their favorite drink, an Apple Martini. Monet grabbed the drink and took a sip. This was just what she needed. After being with Charles, she needed something to get her mind right for the ride back home. They walked back to their table. There were two other girls seated at the table. Nette already had the do tell look on her face. She seemed to live her life vicariously through Monet’s. Nette had not been in a real relationship in almost four years. She was engaged to Chad, who was in the army. Nette was devastated when she found out he was married with children. They dated for three years and were engaged for two of them. The only good thing that came out of the relationship was her son, Dorian.

“So, are you going to fill me in or what?” Nette asked. “I have been waiting all night for the juicy details. How did he take it? Was he mad?” Antoinette was sitting their waiting on a response like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck.
Monet had decided that she was going to break it off with Charles. After nearly getting caught twice, the most recent was after a rendezvous at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham, North Carolina with Charles. She told Breon that she was going out with a couple of girls from the job. Instead, she met up with Charles at Broad Street. She was about an hour into dinner when Nette called and said that Breon was on his way to the restaurant to pick her up. Their four year old daughter, Kaila, had been rushed to the hospital. Since Breon had to work late on a big case at the law firm; they had to leave Kaila with their babysitter, Mayla. Kaila had another asthma attack.This was the second one in two months. Monet wondered why. Breon did not call her himself. Nette quickly advised Monet that Breon tried to call her but her phone kept going to voicemail. Monet told Charles that she had to leave. As she was walking towards the door, Breon pulled up in front of the restaurant.. Breon tried to get out of the car. Instead, Monet quickly jumped into the passenger side of their BMW and told him to get to the hospital as fast as he could. As they drove away, she could see Charles watching them through the window. The look on his face only made her heart sink. At that moment, Monet knew that it was time to bring the relationship with Charles to an end before someone got hurt.

“Girl, I tried. Trust me. I came so close to calling it off, but I couldn’t. It is just something about that man. He is like crack. I think I am addicted,” Monet laughed at her crack analogy and continued to explain to Nette.
“Well you know what they say Monet. . .three strikes and you are out,” Nette warned. “It won’t be long before Breon catches on to what you are doing. I can’t cover for you forever Breon is a good man. Any women would be glad to have him. I know one thing for sure— I don’t want to be no where around when he finds out.” Monet was confused at the sudden change in Nette’s attitude.
“Whose side are you on anyway? I know that this is not the ideal situation. I didn’t ask for any of this to happen. It just did. I don’t need you to get all judgmental on me now. I need you to keep holding me down until I can find a way to break it off with Charles.” Monet took another sip of her drink. “This shit is the bomb.”

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