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Secret Discretion

Secret Discretions-

Chapter 1

Anthony and Chels, short for Chelsea, had been dating for almost four years. In 2007, Anthony proposed, but she told him, No. At the time, she could not imagine being married to someone who, according to her, wasn’t fully worthy of her hand in marriage. Yes—worthy.
Anthony cheated on Chelsea the year before he proposed. Most of her family and friends thought the only reason he proposed was to make amends for cheating on her with some hood rat he met in the club. No one knows what would make him stoop so low. Chelsea was a beauty. She wore her jet-black hair in a two-strand twist out the majority of the time. With almond-shaped, hazel brown eyes, you would think she’s of Asian descent. Her 5 feet and 3 inch Bally’s fit body made all of the females in the club green with envy and the men stop and stare. To top it all off, she had the brains to match. Some men are so stupid. When it comes to sex, they think with the wrong brain.

As the owner of one of the hottest hair salons in Houston, Chels made it a point to set an example for her employees. Out of the seven stylists who rented booths from her, two of them were barbers. She started as an intern in a mutual friend’s shop when she had trouble finding work after graduating from college. She worked her way up to the top fast. Her sassy, classy, and out of the box hair weaves set a unique precedent in the Houston area. Her clients were some of the top African-American judges, lawyers, doctors, and congresswomen. She even catered to an elite group of R & B and Hip Hop artists when they were in town. Now, her salon brings in a net income of 300,000 dollars a year.
Anthony and Chelsea met at the salon. He wandered into the salon like a lost puppy looking for someone to cut his hair during the grand opening. He was new to the city and looking for a barber to maintain his naturally curly, but low cut hair on a weekly basis. He studied as a first year resident at Mercy Nightingale Hospital. Anthony tried to get her attention while in Michael’s chair, but his efforts went unnoticed, until he finally got the nerve to approach her prior to leaving the shop. He asked Chelsea for the digits and the rest was history. They went on several dates, hit it off well, and continued to see each other consistently for the next four years.


Monday morning and the alarm rang at 6:00 a.m. to remind Chelsea the bills do not pay themselves. She reached over to her nightstand, hit the snooze button, and put her head under the pillow to block out the sunlight peeping through the blinds. It seemed like only seconds had gone by before the annoying alarm started to ring again. She decided to get up. Chelsea reached over for a second time to turn the alarm off and headed to the shower.

In the shower, she began to come alive after a rather restless, sleepless night. Suddenly, she realized Anthony never returned her call. As Chelsea ended her shower, she wrapped her towel, embroidered with her initials, around her semi-wet body, and checked the clock to get a glance at how much time she had left before needing to leave for work.

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Training Session (Soldiers in Heat)

Hey I am 73% through Training Session (Soldiers in Heat) by Haze, Joanna A. on Kindle for Android!

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