Death Do Us Part

Death Do Us Part


Coming January 2016

Stay Tuned!  Some women take their vows seriously.  Nola “Cookie” Mason gives new meaning to Death Do Us Part.

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Found this photo for you on Tumblr

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A Pass to Cheat

So, Monique says, in the article link below, that allowing your man to cheat is okay.  Hmmm.  She even references the marriage vows and  friendship.  Does cheating go hand in hand with any of those words (marriage, friendship).  Is she a self-proclaimed  Cheater’s Wife?

In my opinion, why get married?  Be single.  Be with who you want… as many people as you want. 
Married and cheating are antonyms of each other!   They just just don’t go together.

Read the article and let me know what you think.  While you are at it, grab your copy of The Cheater’s Wife by going to my website at


Link to article.

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Double Standards

Do you feel that men have double standards when it comes to cheating?

In my book, The Cheater’s Wife,  the men seem to look at cheating differently when the shoe is on the other foot.

Are women too forgiving?  I think so.   Or, should I ask are men less forgiving?  If so, why?



The Cheater’s Wife Series 

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Never Say Never

Thank you.  My series The Cheater’s Wife has been a success.  I am really excited about that.  I attribute much of the success of the series to the fact that I think many people can relate.  If you cant, please don’t ever say NEVER.   Or, that will never be ME!

It’s easy to say what you won’t do or  wouldn’t do until you have walked that walk.  It is easy to say leave that man or woman, until it’s your man or woman.  Get it?


I hope that if you haven’t purchased your copy of the Cheater’s Wife series you will download it today!

Download TCW 1 and 2

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New Release Alert: The Cheater’s Wife 2

Get your copy today of the Cheater’s Wife 2.   Need to get caught up?  Get the entire series at


Is it worth prison? Is it worth losing your marriage? Is it worth your life? Stephanie Perez-Jenkins, Monet Cartier, and Dr. Aubry Johnston never planned to become Cheater’s Wives, but when they do, it turns their lives upside down.
This dramatic sequel has lots of unsuspecting twists and turns and is full of eye-popping drama. It’s easy to say what you won’t do  until you are a Cheater’s Wife.


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It’s Been a Minute!

Source: It’s Been a Minute!

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