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Do you know when to kick people out of your circle?

Sometimes people only show you the side of them they want you to see.  They pretend to love and adore you.  They offer you advice that they wouldn’t dare take themselves.  They deep down inside would rather see you destitute  and alone than rich with health, wealth, and friendship.

Be aware.  Sniff these hypocrits out so that you can decrease your circle’s radius of these wolves wearing sheep’s clothing and increase  your circle’s diameter with  people that will radiate you and not deflate you.


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Are you that Crab in a Pot?

Are you that Crab in a Pot?

Have you ever noticed how crabs that are caught in a net, dangling from the end of the bait, about to be cooked in a pot, hold on to each other for dear life? I know you have noticed. You can’t help but notice. Well, they grab each other by the legs and by the claws and they pull and pull until they damn near break each other’s legs off. In some cases, they do break off the legs and claws. In extreme cases, they kill each other. I know you are wondering where this is going, right? Well, if you know me, you know I am fitting to tell you!

Are you a crab? I am not talking about literally a crab, but figuratively speaking. Are you that person that sees your friend, associate, or maybe a rival, getting ahead and you hate on them, sabotage them, or make their accomplishment seem like it is mediocre? In other words, you young folk, may refer to this “crab behavior” as being a “hater”.

Well, I say, don’t hate the player, hate the game. What God Has For You is For You! No man, woman, crab, or hater can take that away. Anyway, back to my crabs, they pull and hold on, but failing to realize that the more they hold on to what the other crab has, the more they put themselves closer to the boiling pot. Humph, I think all of us have been a crab at some point in our lives; however, the crabs that miss the boiling pot are the ones who realize that they must just LET IT GO or Kick the ‘ish out of those CRABS holding on!  I’m just saying!

Crabs in a Pot Video

~Ni’KayCrabs in a Pot

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New Release Alert: The Cheater’s Wife 2

Get your copy today of the Cheater’s Wife 2.   Need to get caught up?  Get the entire series at


Is it worth prison? Is it worth losing your marriage? Is it worth your life? Stephanie Perez-Jenkins, Monet Cartier, and Dr. Aubry Johnston never planned to become Cheater’s Wives, but when they do, it turns their lives upside down.
This dramatic sequel has lots of unsuspecting twists and turns and is full of eye-popping drama. It’s easy to say what you won’t do  until you are a Cheater’s Wife.


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Dreams of Graduation!

You have dreams of graduation and it is finally here. Congratulations are definitely in order. However, in 2012, what happens when you graduate and your dreams become shattered because the job market is at an all time low for your profession. Seriously, you have worked for 4 to 8 years only to find yourself working in retail, fast foods, or some other market that is irrelevant to your field. This is a travesty. Who do you blame? What do you do with all that education? How do you pay back all of those loans? Is it an epidemic? Is it a crisis? Is it our reality? When will it all end?

I urge you to research the job market before you go back to school and work on those Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Although you may not want to admit it, it is about the money! So, show me the money!!! You do not want to dedicate yourself to a field that is not going to allow you to gain any financial merit! Yes, you need to enjoy what you do! However, at the end of the day, if you are not making enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, then the enjoyment will soon fade away.

So, with that being said, here are my suggestions for those of you ready to pursue your education in a graduate program:

1. Research the job market for your field of study (Will you have to relocate to find a job in your field? What is
the salary range?).
2. Look for in-state universities to work on your degree (it will save $$$$$).
3. Begin to network early (make those job connections prior to graduation).
4. Build your resume/curriculum vita (professional organizations, social organizations, honor societies, community
service etc.)
5. Know your worth!

I hope that this information was helpful to someone.


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Born to Die


Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  We are all born to die. It’s like a blueprint for life.  Once the clock strikes that magic hour, our time is up. 

Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  Isn’t the place we are going better than here on Earth?

Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  Is it because we didn’t give them the flowers while they were here or is it because we mistreated them?

Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  When the ashes turn to ashes and dust turns to dust, we know that is where we came from and where we will return. It is our destiny.

Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  Is there a certain level of jealousy because you know their troubles are now over and you have to go back to your miserable reality?

Why do we cry when people are laid to rest?  Well, I hypothesize that we are trained to be sad when someone dies, but there are several things that we need to realize. 

We need to know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.  Now, it might not be tomorrow morning. It may not be the next morning or even the next, but it will come. 

Lastly, understand that there is no need to cry because we all were born to die.

© Author NiKay

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My Minds EYE

My Minds Eye

Sometimes I wish we were only I..why because in my minds EYE I am not confined by boundries…I.can be who I want to be…in my minds Eye, but sometimes I can be lonely…in my minds
Eye this is an anomaly to me…so I will settle for we, they, us, vs her, she, me, or I…because sometimes my minds EYE does not see very clearly and reality is what it is to be for me.


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Somebody Greater

In order to be something greater you first need to get rid of all your haters….then reflect back on your life and dont make the same mistakes twice.

If you want to be somebody greater you yourself cant be no hater.  Getting ahead doesnt mean being a crab..pulling others down to get to the top just to get there and be the first in the pot.

Being somebody greater means not being fake….leading by examples and learning from others mistakes.  Being somebody greater is starts by taking baby steps to make the process begin.

©Author Ni’Kay

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