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Do you know when to kick people out of your circle?

Sometimes people only show you the side of them they want you to see.  They pretend to love and adore you.  They offer you advice that they wouldn’t dare take themselves.  They deep down inside would rather see you destitute  and alone than rich with health, wealth, and friendship.

Be aware.  Sniff these hypocrits out so that you can decrease your circle’s radius of these wolves wearing sheep’s clothing and increase  your circle’s diameter with  people that will radiate you and not deflate you.


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Death Do Us Part

Death Do Us Part


Coming January 2016

Stay Tuned! ┬áSome women take their vows seriously. ┬áNola “Cookie” Mason gives new meaning to Death Do Us Part.

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Never Say Never

Thank you.  My series The Cheater’s Wife has been a success.  I am really excited about that.  I attribute much of the success of the series to the fact that I think many people can relate.  If you cant, please don’t ever say NEVER.   Or, that will never be ME!

It’s easy to say what you won’t do or  wouldn’t do until you have walked that walk.  It is easy to say leave that man or woman, until it’s your man or woman.  Get it?


I hope that if you haven’t purchased your copy of the Cheater’s Wife series you will download it today!

Download TCW 1 and 2

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