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I Am She

I Am She was released on December 22nd.  Visit to purchase. It’s a book of poetry meant to inspire and empower women.  I am proud to announce that Flawless Publications  will be DONATING 10% of the sales of I Am She T-shirts to the Serenity House Women’s Shelter.  In addition, we will donate 2 I Am She autographed books a month to be given to women who participate in the program.  I am happy to support my soror, Dr. Toi Dennis, CEO & Founder of Serenity House, who I admire for her work with helping rebuild the lives of women and their children who have been or are homeless!!!  You can support too by Clicking here

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A Buzzard’s Dream


A Buzzards Dream

There it sits, waits, and wonders until the very thing that people thrive, life, is gone.  When that happens, its dreams become reality.  It can now feast on the remains of the very thing that once had lived.  Although, as grim as it may seem, a buzzard’s dream is as necessary to our existence as it is to the life and death that bonds us in reality.

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