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Do you know when to kick people out of your circle?

Sometimes people only show you the side of them they want you to see.  They pretend to love and adore you.  They offer you advice that they wouldn’t dare take themselves.  They deep down inside would rather see you destitute  and alone than rich with health, wealth, and friendship.

Be aware.  Sniff these hypocrits out so that you can decrease your circle’s radius of these wolves wearing sheep’s clothing and increase  your circle’s diameter with  people that will radiate you and not deflate you.


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In the Eye of the Beholder

In the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty. Is it really in the eye of the beholder? Or, is it what women try to hold on to as they begin to grow older?

Innocence. Is it as pure as it seems? Well, in my opinion, innocence is only how it is perceived. I could be considered innocent by a court of law, but considered not innocent by all of y’all.

Greed. Is it determined by need or do we save it for our envious deeds? Are we greedy for power, money, or fame? Or, is greed determined by your need to establish your name?

In the Eye of the Beholder is what we see and how we perceive it. It is not for others to agree or disagree with it.

It is an opinion. It is how we feel.

It is in the Eye of the Beholder…opinion, perceived, real or unreal!

Author NiKay


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Dream Chaser

Running from your dreams is not an abnormality. Running from your dreams is separating yourself from Reality. Running from your dreams can be scarey to some, but chasing your dreams is when you know you have won.

¬©Author Ni’Kay

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Tracks on my back!

Can you see the tracks on my back? Someone rolled me over and never looked back.

Can you see the tracks on my back? I never saw it coming or I would have fought back.

CAN YOU SEE THE TRACKS ON MY BACK? They ran me over to cover their own tracks.

Was it a car, a truck, a train? Or was it a friend, family, your boss, or an old flame.

Did you see it coming? Dont lie! Of course you did! You just didn’t want to admit it because you wereindenial…and sometimes you just let those little warning whispers just blow off into the wind.

Do you see the tracks on my back? I don’t see them, but I feel them. They hurt more now than they ever did! Its okay though because I survived! You know those tracks on my back only made me realize….trust only those that God sends your way, don’t let those whispers blow away.

God has his way of letting us know because when those wheels start rolling just listen to God’s horn when it blows!

¬©Author Ni’Kay


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