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I Am She

I Am She was released on December 22nd.  Visit to purchase. It’s a book of poetry meant to inspire and empower women.  I am proud to announce that Flawless Publications  will be DONATING 10% of the sales of I Am She T-shirts to the Serenity House Women’s Shelter.  In addition, we will donate 2 I Am She autographed books a month to be given to women who participate in the program.  I am happy to support my soror, Dr. Toi Dennis, CEO & Founder of Serenity House, who I admire for her work with helping rebuild the lives of women and their children who have been or are homeless!!!  You can support too by Clicking here

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Insanity to some seems sane to me. Saying what needs to be said and ought to be.

My mind is going insane not being able to express myself exactly the way I mean. Holding my emotions inside because I am too afraid to let my emotions scream with the real thoughts I feel…my emotions are too real.

Wanting to say things that may be hurtful, but holding them in because my conscious is talking….telling me to be nice, to be courteous, to be the peacemaker for everyone. Really. Why do I have to be silent? My insanity is in no way violent.

But, I am tired because its driving me insane, not being able to say somethings….because if I do, now I have no tact. I may be called cavalier because I have talked back. I cant win for losing. That is why my sanity continues to take a bruising.

I am tired of going insane. I am tired of my tongue being in pain. So, from now on my tears will no longer speak for me. My voice will now release my SANITY.

¬©Author Ni’Kay

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